Hugh Lupton & The English Acoustic Collective
The Homing Stone
Arthur Ransome’s Journey Home.
Flyer - The Homing Stone

Arthur Ransome is well known as the author of the ‘Swallows and Amazons’ books. What is less well known is that as a young man he went to Russia to collect folk-tales and was swept into the maelstrom of the Russian revolution. During the six years he lived in Moscow he became the only British journalist trusted by the Bolsheviks. He played chess with Lenin and fell in love with Trotsky’s secretary Evgenia Shelepina. In England he was regarded with profound suspicion as a possible Soviet agent.

In 1919, when Moscow was surrounded by counter-revolutionaries, he and Evgenia escaped. They travelled through Estonia with a horse and cart, knowing they would be shot if they were recognised ...

In The Homing Stone master storyteller Hugh Lupton (who is also Ransome’s great-nephew) tells the epic tale of that perilous and extraordinary journey. The story is underpinned by Chris Wood’s vivid musical score, drawing on the traditions of Russian melody and the richness of the folk music of the Lake District, exquisitely played by three of England’s finest folk musicians. The English Acoustic Collective is: Chris Wood, Rob Harbron and John Dipper.

£1400 all inclusive

The Homing Stone was originally commissioned by the Bath Festival in 2009. It has been seen at the Barbican and Celtic Connections 2010.

The Homing Stone is available throughout 2011

Hugh Lupton and Chris Wood
It is a common hunger for celebration and exploration of our national fingerprint that has brought Hugh and Chris together. Their first meeting revealed many parallels in their individual paths as writer and composer, musician and storyteller. Both are fluid interpreters of traditional manuscript, familiar with the journey from page to contemporary performance.

“Sheer wizardry in the guise of utter simplicity… wonderfully evocative.”
  Eastern Daily Press

“It's rare to hear work as powerful as Chris Wood and Hugh Lupton's…they seduce the minds of those who listen, skilfully drawing on the past to make sense of the present... This is welcome nourishment for those who like to think for themselves"
 Verity Sharpe, Late Junction & The Culture Show

Technical Specification
Get-in (prior to house opening): 4-5 hours. Get-out: 1 hour

Performance length: 2 x 45 minutes plus short interval

Target audience: Suitable for adults and children aged 12+

Performance area: The show features four performers who need enough space to stand and move freely, so a stage of at least 3m x 6m is ideal.

Lighting: Warm light centre stage (straw gels).

Sound: The size and specification of front of sound PA system will vary according to the room but it needs to be of good quality and capable of reproducing the acoustic sound of the show clearly and without distortion. Clarity and quality of sound are far more important than volume but it is important that Hugh's dialogue can be heard clearly over the music. Monitors wouldn't be needed except on a large stage, even then minimal clear foldback is all that is required.
Hugh - vocal mic (KMS105, SM58, etc) Chris / Rob / John - 1 good condensor mic per person
We often tour with appropriate mics.

Contact Details
For further information, and to book, please contact the programme manager, Kate Norgate
07791 157 437