‘The more you learn, the more places you'll go’ Dr Seuss

The Crick Crack Club runs an annual programme of two-day workshops and longer residential courses. These range from beginners and intermediate courses, specific and focused training, to advanced laboratories, mentoring and direction. We also design, devise and run training sessions for people in a range of other professions. We work with the most experienced and inspired workshop leaders in the country, and our core course programme is led by our very own Artistic Director, Ben Haggarty.

Ben Haggarty with students students Ben Haggarty and Jörg Baesecke

 DATE: Sunday 25th February 2018, 10.30am - 5.30pm  EVENT TITLE: Workshop - Principles of Storytelling and the Spoken Word  LOCATION: Cambridge  ARTISTS: Ben Haggarty

 VENUE: Cambridge Junction Venue J3, Clifton Way, Cambridge, CB1 7GX  AUDIENCE: Adults (18+)

 DESCRIPTION:  Led by one of the world’s leading performance storytellers working with reconstructed traditional narratives, this brief introductory workshop frames the basic paradigms of oral storytelling, firmly registers the difference between orality and literacy and gives a taste of how ancient Sanskrit theories of Rasa can inform creative decision making. This workshop is primarily aimed at theatre and performance practitioners.

 TICKETS:  £40/£30 :: :: Box office: 01223 511 511 Mon - Sat (10am - 6pm)

 DATE: Saturday 3rd March to Sunday 4th March 2018, 2 days, 10am - 6pm  EVENT TITLE: Introductory Storytelling workshop  LOCATION: London  ARTISTS: Ben Haggarty

 VENUE: Rich Mix Venue 2, 35 - 47 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6LA. This event is wheelchair accessible.  AUDIENCE: Adults (18+) :: Please note: This workshop will demand fluent spoken English language skills.

In a nutshell: A beginner's storytelling workshop led by Ben Haggarty, fairytale teller extraordinaire, and director of the legendary Crick Crack Club.

Go on... This two-day, practitioner-led workshop is aimed at adults with an interest in traditional narratives (folk tales, fairy tales and myths) and in their performance. It will give participants an introduction to the core principles of contemporary oral storytelling, the process of visualisation, and of narrative patterns and structure. You'll discover your innate inner storyteller and begin to appreciate its skills.

What to expect: This two day workshop is packed with exercises, talk, discussion, and telling stories...

Who’s involved? Ben Haggarty: Ben has pioneered the re-visioning of storytelling as a contemporary performance art; his understanding of orality, metaphor, magic and the dramaturgy of performance storytelling is unsurpassed. World renowned for his physical, often challenging performances, Ben has a repertoire of well over 350 folktales, fairytales, epics and myths. He's a much sought after trainer and director, and is Honorary Professor of Storytelling at the Arts University of Berlin.

‘the art of storytelling is in the surest safest hands here’ Remote Goat

 TICKETS:  This workshop takes place over two days, 10am to 6pm, cost £150.00. A booking fee of £1.50 per transaction applies for this event (for non-members) :: :: Box Office: 0207 613 7498 or email

 ORGANISER:  The Crick Crack Club & Rich Mix